Mikromaks Mühendislik Danışmanlık ve Yazılım Sistemleri

Mikromaks Engineering, which was established to help companies create their own corporative identities and follow all their processes, has made difference between Mikro Software Solution Partners more evident over the years with ERP Solutions it has developed specifically for the sectors.

Mikro Software Solution Partnership, which started in the first half of 2000s, was awarded the ”Most Successful Solution Developer of 2004-2005”, “Most Successful Solution Partner of 2007-2008” and “Most Successful ERP Solution Partner of 2008-2009”.  Honoring the Mikromaks played the biggest role in finding its corporative identity.

Mikromaks considers Mikro as a platform, creates and develops all its processes in line with this philosophy.

The priority of Mikromaks team is ”Unconditinal Customer Satisfiction”. Based on this philosophy, our main goal is to develop “working solutions” that live in life and are used real terms and to ensure that the products we develop are used in maximum efficiency by their users. Mikromaks facilitates your work thanks to the solutions it finds and offer fastest and most practical solutions. Your company will save your employees from the workload and save time. It helps your company reach your goal faster with the solutions it finds. Mikromaks offer users all technical insfrastructure services with its system and hardware engineers, consultancy services regarding all processes of the enterprises with system analysts and product planning engineer. Mikromaks, prioritizes the needs of its users in the solutions it develops, determines the needs with its own knowledge and experience, develops solutions that the business can actually use.

“Mikromaks develops a solution for you and offers it for your use only”

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